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Work Environment

Work Style Support

MORABU has established a system in which human resources, training, and sales staff work together to support individuals' workstyles and resolve their concerns.
You can always consult with the sales staff assigned to you about training plans, career plans, mental health care, and more.

Career counseling

We help you set your personal goals as an engineer and provide you with learning advice to improve the skills you need to achieve your goals.
In addition, you will receive an objective evaluation from the person in charge at your assignment (twice a year) in the form of an evaluation report. This will serve as an indicator for your further skill improvement.

Career counseling

Employment transfer for career advancement

You will have an opportunity to transfer to a large company where you are assigned to work as a permanent employee.
You can consult with your assigned sales staff or career planner at any time for support in advancing your career to the next stage as an engineer.

Company Events

From regional to company-wide, we provide various opportunities for employees to bond with each other.

Regional gatherings

We hold regional gatherings once a month on designated Wednesdays from 18:30 to 20:00 in five regions (Himeji, Sanda, Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto).
This gathering is a place in which employees at different assignments can increase their sense of belonging to MORABU and receive important information and updates from MORABU. It is also a place to share the company's activities on a regular basis in the form of round-table discussions and dinner meetings.

Regional roundtables

General meeting

Once a year, a general meeting is held at a hotel and all MORABU employees gather.
This meeting is a place to report on financial results and activities and to share goals for the upcoming year.

Employee general meeting

Internal exchange event (Fureai MORABU)

Fureai MORABU (a.k.a. Fure-MORA) is organized by employees and always has more than 100 members who gather to communicate with each other.
You can enjoy games and chatting in a party-like atmosphere. It is a valuable opportunity for employees to get to know each other and deepen their engagement.

Fureai (communication) MORABU

Employee Benefits

MORABU is committed to creating a better work environment so that employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and balance work and private life through its employee benefits program.

Resort houses

We have recreation facilities in regions with rich nature and famous sightseeing spots to relieve the fatigue from daily work.
You can use company-owned recreation facilities free of charge.
As a member of Tokyu Harvest Club, you can also use 30 affiliated resort hotel facilities in Japan, including "Arima Rokusai" in Arima Onsen, at a low rate.

Resort houses Resort houses

Company-owned recreation facilities (at four locations)

Teshikaga Resort House (Hokkaido)

Teshikaga Resort House (Hokkaido)

6-15 Kumaushigenya, Teshikagacho, Kawakami-gun, Hokkaido
Capacity:1 to 3 persons
Room plan:2LDK
Kitchen:Yes (equipped with tableware, cookware, and a refrigerator)
Self-catering possible Bath:Hot spring (directly from source)

Kanazawa Resort House (Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)

Kanazawa Resort House (Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture)

1-334 Minamishijima, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture
Capacity:1 to 5 persons
Room plan: 3LDK
Kitchen: Yes (equipped with tableware, cookware, and a refrigerator)
Self-catering possible
Parking:Yes (for one vehicle)

Tamba Resort House (Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture)

Tamba Resort House (Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture)

562 Saji, Aogakicho, Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture
Capacity:1 to 10 persons
Room plan:1LDK (no overnight stays)
Kitchen:Yes (equipped with tableware, cookware, and a refrigerator)
Self-catering possible
Parking:Yes (for two vehicles)

Kyoto Resort House (Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture)

Kyoto Resort House (Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture)

520-1-101 Akinonocho, Nijo-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Capacity: 1 to 3 persons
Room plan: 2LDK
Kitchen: Yes (equipped with tableware, cookware, and a refrigerator)
Self-catering possible

Affiliated resort hotel facilities (at total of 30 locations)

Arima Rokusai (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture)

Arima Rokusai (Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture)

341-1 Arimacho, Kita-ku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
Capacity: 2 to 7 persons
Rooms: Twin rooms, deluxe rooms, family rooms, suites
Baths: Spacious common baths/Kinsen and Ginsen (directly from source); family baths available
Restaurants: Buffet restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Italian restaurant
Ancillary facilities: Indoor pool, body care studio, beauty salon
Affiliated golf courses: Yokawa Country Club, Mikiyokawa Country Club

Other 29 facilities

  • VIALA annex Arima Rokusai
  • Kyoto Takagamine (Kyoto)
  • VIALA annex Kyoto Takagamine (Kyoto)
  • Nankitanabe (Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture)
  • Hamanako (Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Shizunami Kaigan(Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Amagi Kogen (Hiekawa, Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Ito (Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • Atami Izusan (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • VIALA annex Atami Izusan (Shizuoka Prefecture)
  • VIALA Hakone Hisui (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Hakone Koshien (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Hakone Myoujindai (Kanagawa Prefecture)
  • Katsuura (Katsuura, Chiba Prefecture)
  • Yamanakako Mt. Fuji (Yamanashi Prefecture)
  • Kyukaruizawa/Kyukaruizawa Annex (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture)
  • VIALA annex Karuizawa (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Tateshina (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Tateshina Annex (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Tateshina Resort (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Madarao (Nagano Prefecture)
  • Nasu (Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Nasu Retreat (Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Kinugawa (Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Urabandai Grandeco (Fukushima Prefecture)
  • Skijam Katsuyama (Fukui Prefecture)
  • Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace (associated reciprocal use hotel)
  • President Resort Hotel Karuizawa (associated reciprocal use hotel)

Social insurance, vacation and health promotion programs

We have established social insurance, vacation, and health promotion programs that focus on the lifestyle of each employee.

  • Health insurance employees' pension insurance employment insurance workers' compensation insurance
  • Five-day workweek system summer vacation New Year's holidays paid holidays
  • Childcare leave nursing care leave shortened work hours for childcare
  • Special leave for weddings and funerals retirement benefit system
  • qualification acquisition support system training subsidy system employee loan system