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MORABU's fields of expertise

Electric Power Systems

MORABU is engaged in the development of systems that ensure a stable supply of electricity, which forms the core of our social infrastructure.

Electric Power-related Systems

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, a trend toward electricity deregulation began, and the existing system of electric utility business was largely reconsidered.
Since April 2016, the electric utility business has been divided into three segments: power generation business, power distribution business, and electric retail business. We are involved in the development of screen display systems for electric power companies, electric switch control software for unmanned substations, and smart meter systems, encompassing technologies across these three businesses.
Japan's energy self-sufficiency rate is only a few percent, and much of its electrical energy has been produced with fossil fuels imported from overseas. Therefore, in order to provide a stable and economical supply of electric energy, Japan has made various technological innovations.

We are involved in the development of systems for the stable supply of electricity, such as water level control systems for hydroelectric power plants and rainfall monitoring screens, which form the core of this social infrastructure.
In addition, we are constantly striving to improve our technological level in order to produce solar energy and new energy sources to replace depleting fossil fuels and to play a role in social infrastructure in the future.

Industrial Robots

By supporting the development of various industrial robots, MORABU is contributing to the development of industry.

Industrial Robots

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an industrial robot is defined as an “automatically controlled, reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator, programmable in three or more axes, which can be either fixed in place or mobile for use in industrial automation applications.” These robots are used at factories that manufacture products you come into contact with, such as automobiles and PCs (electronic components), and are incorporated with functions such as welding, assembly, transportation, painting, inspection, polishing, and cleaning to increase productivity in the factories.

According to the market forecast for the robotics industry, it is estimated to reach 2.7 trillion yen by 2035 for the manufacturing of industrial robots alone, and if the service sector, agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector, and robot-technology products sector are included, the market size is estimated to reach 9.7 trillion yen by 2035. (According to a survey by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO))

Under these circumstances, Japan is known as a "robot powerhouse" and has maintained world-class technological capabilities to manufacture industrial robots and support product development in Japan and around the world.

We are contributing to the growth of industries by supporting the development of various industrial robots.
Why don't you join us in the world of industrial robots, where the market will expand more and more in the future, and challenge yourself to work on many projects?

Car Navigation Systems

MORABU is engaged in the development of automotive equipment products that bring together the most advanced technologies.

Car Navigation Systems

We all use automobiles in our daily lives.
They are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. For example, car navigation systems. The development of car navigation systems that incorporate state-of-the-art devices such as GPS, cameras, and various sensors, seamlessly integrating network and AI technologies to interface with the hardware, represents one of the technologies that will create the future, spanning the fields of information processing, mechanics, and electrics.

Many other technologies have been created through the development of automotive equipment, including airbags, corner sensors, back monitors, and safety devices.

We are involved in the development and testing of both domestic and overseas products, and introduce engineers for embedded software development and hardware (chassis and circuit board) design for automotive equipment products (car navigation systems, car audio systems, airbag inflators, corner sensors, back monitors, safety devices, etc.).

Job Description

Information Processing Division

We mainly engage in design and development work on control systems, and in open systems development, we are proposing and developing software that meets users' needs.

FA control system development
  • Electrical power systems (smart grids)
  • Plant systems
  • Manufacturing management systems/production management systems
Microcomputer control system development
  • Engines
  • Air conditioners
  • TV, DVD, Blu-ray
IT solutions network system development
  • Operation management systems (production management systems/quality control systems)
Internet and Web system development
  • Multimedia systems (car navigation systems)
  • Mobile systems (mobile phone apps)
System and network construction
System evaluation, maintenance, and operation management
Package software and middleware development
Communication infrastructure design and construction (carrier and ISP systems)
Internal SEs

Electrical Division

We are engaged in the development and design of central control systems for various electrical industries that are linked to telecommunications.

Power electronics system design
  • CVCF/UPS (uninterruptible power supply) control design
Drive system design
  • VVVF (inverter) control design
  • EV (electric vehicle) control design
Power plant system design
  • Nuclear, thermal, hydro, and wind power system control design
Industrial and production line system design
  • Industrial and production line system design
Control panel design for various systems
  • PLCs (programmable logic controllers)
  • Sequence controllers
  • Relay circuits Hardware and software design
Electrical equipment design inspection, evaluation, analysis, maintenance,
and technical service

Electronic Circuitry Division

We are engaged in a wide range of design and development work from consumer products to industrial equipment.F

Analog circuit design
  • Computer peripheral devices
  • OA devices AV devices
Digital circuit design
  • CPU peripheral circuits
  • FPGA logic design
  • AD, OA specification circuit design
High-frequency circuit design
  • UHF to microwave
  • Architecture design
Integrated circuit (IC) design
  • Semiconductor design
Electronic parts design
  • Switching power supplies
LSI design
  • Internal architecture design
Electronic measurement control equipment design
  • Automotive electronic instruments Long range
  • Automatic measurement control equipment
Multimedia equipment design
(AV, communications, others)
  • Car audio
  • Car navigation systems
Printed circuit board design
Inspection, evaluation, analysis, maintenance, and technical service

Machine Division

We are engaged in design, analysis, and technical drawing for a wide range of fields, from large products such as plants, industrial machinery, and automotive machinery to small products such as home appliances and precision instruments.

Mechatronics design
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Semiconductors
  • Liquid crystal manufacturing equipment design
Industrial machine design
  • Injection molding machines
  • FPGA logic design
  • Gas turbines
Labor-saving machine design
  • Belt conveyors
Transport machine design
  • Railway vehicles
  • Design of elevators
Die and machine tool design
  • WC machine tools
  • Machining centers
Environmental industrial machine design
  • Environment measuring instruments
  • Environment measuring instruments
Process industry equipment design
  • Voltage transformation power receiving equipment
  • Petroleum
  • Thermal control equipment
Fluid machinery design
  • Fans
  • Pump turbines
Chemical machinery design
  • Chemical instrument design
  • Chemical plant design
Motor design
  • Steam turbines
  • Gas turbines
Aerospace machine design
  • Aerospace landing gears
Precision instrument design
  • Medical equipment
  • Electron microscopes
Optical instrument design
  • Photo sensors
  • Optical measuring instruments
  • Optical microscopes
Production control, inspection, evaluation, and analysis
Maintenance and technical service

Construction Division

We are engaged in a full range of construction work, covering architectural design, structural design, electrical and other facility design, cost estimation, work drawing preparation, and construction management.

Equipment design
  • Air conditioning and health equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Other equipmen
Preparation of working diagrams
  • Structure
  • Finish
Structural design
  • Structural calculations for various buildings
  • Preparation of structural drawings
Construction management
  • Construction
  • Equipment (air conditioning, health)
  • Electrical equipment
Plant design
Store design
Architectural design
  • Large commercial complexes
  • Highrise condominiums
  • Public facilities
  • Plants
  • Detached homes
  • Showrooms
  • CALS, support for electronic delivery
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Office layout
  • Landscape design
  • Urban space designer
  • Renovation design
  • Measurement and research

Technical translation and interpretation

We are engaged in various system design and development work as technical translators and interpreters, mainly in English and Chinese.
Our activities are not limited to Japan, but we also serve as guides on site in other countries.

Interpretation in various languages
  • Interpretation as guides at sites abroad
  • Call answering and visitor services in various languages
Technical translation in various languages
  • Translation of a wide variety of technical specifications
  • Translation of a wide variety of manuals
  • Translation of internal and external documents (emails, faxes, etc.)