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Personnel Required by MORABU

Concept of MORABU


Be the person who you want to be
through technologies


We believe that people who are honest, flexible and sincere are the ones who can become who they want to be. In other words, they are those who are able to find motivation within themselves, consider it, and continue to pursue it. People who can have a positive influence on those around them as individuals can also improve their technical skills.


Everyone has their own opinions and ideas. At times, they may differ from their superiors or colleagues. To work smoothly in an organization, it is necessary to accept others honestly.


As the speed of technological evolution has quickened over time, so has the speed at which companies turn their improvement cycles around. We must be flexible in addressing the challenges we face.


Whether it is family, colleagues, or business partners, the cornerstone of human relationships is trust. A single falsehood can destroy a good relationship that has been cultivated for a long time. That is why we are required to respond with sincerity.

Message from
Recruiting Staff

Betting on Infinite Possibilities

We believe that people come first and aim not only to improve the technical skills of our employees, but also to help them grow as individuals.

In addition to technical training, we also provide training to acquire and improve the basic skills necessary for a full-fledged business person, such as business manners, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of purpose.

We want you to grow and develop through participation in projects and commissioned work for major companies and try to acquire advanced qualifications by using our qualification acquisition support system to hone your skills as an engineer.

Put your skills, enthusiasm, and potential to use at MORABU.
Let us help you achieve your goals, fulfill your rewards, and have a bright future with us.
We look forward to meeting you, full of hope and full of youth.